Swainson Miki Peskett

We aim to first and foremost understand our clients and their specific needs. We build relationships and partnerships with those clients in order to complement those needs.

Swainson Miki Peskett LLP was founded by a team of lawyers who are passionate about providing exceptional legal services with a focus on our clients’ goals. Our experience representing national institutional lenders, publicly traded corporations, and a number of mid-sized and small businesses allows us to partner with businesses, entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations of all sizes in every industry.

Collaboration amongst our team together with an emphasis on accountability, efficiency, and mentorship enable us to handle each client and every matter with respect, integrity, and excellence. With an aim to build lasting relationships with those we work with, we engage in honest discourse in order to understand our clients’ ultimate objectives and provide guidance to reach or exceed those objectives. In addition to the services we provide at Swainson Miki Peskett LLP, we hold community engagement and philanthropy as key tenets in our pursuit of creating a law firm our clients can trust.

Our practice areas


Commercial Lending & Financing
Commercial Real Estate Acquisitions and Sales
Commercial Leasing
Residential Real Estate


Succession Planning
Mergers & Acquisitions
Corporate Practice
Corporate Governance
Negotiation and Preparation of Operational Contracts
Commercial Transactions


Contract Disputes
Construction Issues and Disputes
Insolvency, Restructuring and Security Enforcement
Shareholder Disputes and Claims
Commercial Lease Disputes and Enforcement
Product Liability Claims
Commercial Litigation & Contract Enforcement
Construction Litigation, Bond Claims, & Builders Lien Claims
Mediation and Arbitration


Estate Planning
Preparation of Estate Planning Documents
Estate Administration


Employment Agreements and Executive Contracts
Independent Contractor Agreements
Performance Management
Employee Discipline
Disability Management
Termination (with and without cause)
Wrongful and Constructive Dismissal Claims
Organizational Restructuring
Employee Policies and Training
Legislative Compliance, Complaint/Investigations, Hearings, Prosecutions, and Appeals
Collective Agreement Bargaining, Interpretation and Grievance and Arbitration
Union Certification Applications and Revocation
Strike and Lockout


Customer/ Client/ Employee Personal Information Protection Requirements
Policies and Procedures
Privacy Impact Assessments
Privacy Breach Reporting, Notification and Remediation
Cyber Liability Insurance Assessment and Data Security
Access to Information Response

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